Colleagues about their job

Are you curious about what it's like to work for Amrâth Hôtels? You can read below how our colleagues experience working for this super nice hotel-chain! 

Roxana Tajvar - General Manager - Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

Before I started working, I studied Horeca Entrepreneur/Manager at the MBO in Leiderdorp. After this I worked in Antwerp, but I really wanted to return to the Netherlands. I started googling 5 star hotels and this was one of the hotels I had on my list.My position within the Kurhaus is General Manager, which means that I have a very broad range of tasks, but the main thing is taking care of the product, the staff, but also in the operational, administrative and commercial area.

I enjoy coming to work every day because I notice that every day the Kurhaus comes a step closer to the image of how I like to see the Kurhaus and of course because I notice that the staff is satisfied and comes to work with pride and joy.

I am most proud of the growth I have been able to experience here. I started as a receptionist and I am now General Manager of the Kurhaus. Amrâth Hôtels is a great employer because the staff is empowered and has a kind of carte blanche. They are trusted in their own position, and we are there for them as managers. My direct management is also there for me. They ensure that we are given the tools to be able to perform our function properly.

Tanja Knubben - F&B Supervisor - Amrâth Hôtel DuCasque

Before I started working, I did the Horeca training for Waiter. After this I started as a housekeeping employee in Amrâth Grand Hôtel de l'Empereur. Subsequently, I became head household in Amrâth Hôtel DuCasque. Once here a lady was sick at breakfast and then I started working at breakfast, and also the main household. So I only did breakfast when someone wasn't there.

Last year I was offered to become an F&B supervisor. I really really liked this! So my job is to take care of breakfast and make the guests happy. The challenge in my position is to have everything ready on time in the morning and to have a chat with the guests in between. We do a lot in a short time. In the morning we make everything ourselves, from scrambled eggs to poffertjes. We do this in an hour between 06:00 and 07:00. So you have to be able to get up early for this job.

I think Amrâth Hôtels is a good company. You will be listened to and you can always contact a manager or director. If there is anything wrong, it will always be resolved.

Michael Bakker - Employee Financial Administration - Heerlen

Before I started working, I studied business economics. After this I initially ended up at Amrâth Hotels on a secondment basis. This quickly turned into a contract with Amrâth Hôtels itself. My position is financial administration employee, which means that I do the financial administration of various Amrâth Hotels. This includes keeping the bank book, cash book, purchase invoices and also connecting general ledger accounts. I have 5 different Amrâth Hotels with which I have daily contact.

I enjoy coming to work because there really is a certain routine in the work, but also a lot of variety, because there are often new challenges. I also enjoy working with my colleagues. The bond with the team is good, and you can always turn to someone.

The best thing about my job is that I can always do and learn new things. I am also involved in transitions to new systems. This gives me quite a responsibility, but it also allows me to continue to develop myself.

The challenge of my job is that every day you come across things that you really have to dive into and figure out.

Manon Koorn - Intern Assistant Management - Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

When I was little I went to the Kurhaus once and this beautiful place has always stayed in my mind. During my study I had to do an internship, and I immediately started orientating at the Kurhaus and that's how I actually rolled in here.

The position I have at the Kurhaus is Intern Management Assistant. This means that I have a fully supporting role for all managers within the Kurhaus and I also have projects such as the Dinner Shows and social media. I enjoy going to my internship every day because of my colleagues, but also because of the variety in my work, every day is different.

I am most proud of having participated in the Dinnershows, so hosting and co-organizing them. The most challenging thing about my internship is that it is so versatile, you do a lot of things for the first time and you sometimes run into things, but you learn a lot from that. I think Amrâth Hôtels is a great employer because they leave me free, but at the same time they also support me a lot.

Helen Walstock - Employee Housekeeping - Amrâth Grand Hotel de l'Empereur

I started at domestic school and finished secondary vocational education. After that I actually started working everywhere and nowhere. At one point I ended up at Albatros through the UWV, this later became Hendriks Schoonmaak, and then it was actually taken over by Amrâth Hôtels. In fact, I have been working here since 2010.

My position is a housekeeping assistant. I generally start my day here around 09:30 in the morning. Then we first prepare the buckets with cleaning products and water, we fill the tea boxes and we clean the coffee machine. After this we go upstairs to clean the rooms.

Every day I enjoy going to work because there is always an interest in the staff. We are always asked how we are doing. I also have very nice colleagues, if there are problems I can always contact them.

The challenges in my work are, for example, the very quiet periods, for example in the corona time or the very busy periods such as the whole month of July during the André Rieu concerts. I think Amrâth Hôtels is a good employer because I have very nice colleagues who almost feel like family. We are always thinking of each other.